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Improvisational Butoh Nature Dance Workshop

with Atsushi Takenouchi and musical accompaniment by Hiroko Komiya

In the Adirondack Mountains August 2005
Arrivals August 18th- Departures Sunday afternoon 28th

Improvisational Jinen Butoh (Spirit Dancer)

"He dances at his limitation,
the creation of the universe
has just begun. Please show
us a dance of life with
dancing at your best."

"He paints the sky, purify the earth with his dance.
People in the world will be healed and saved meeting his dance.
Please investigate your dance of love and prayer."

Dancing Life

"Dance is devotion of life." I learned this while my traveling nature fields called JINEN. This means I should dance to "my life," to the moment, and to now which lasts forever. I feel we have forgotten memories of days when we lived connected with nature's gift (such as water, wind, grass, trees, and animals). A long time ago we danced, forgetting day and night. We forgot ourselves, and became just as one life, with the earth? What about now? We've been choreographed to fit into given pattern.

It's a dance without choreography. You dance as you feel, sharpening your senses, with conviction. You can't improvise unless you can enjoy what you are doing and act alive. Sometimes we may look like two dragons, or two jellyfish talking with each other, the moon and the sun, or two dancing cranes in love. We all have the blood of a native and spiritual dancer.

The Workshop

Atsushi Takenouchi (master Butoh dancer) and his partner Hiroko Komiya (traditional world musician and vocalist) return to New York for their fifth year in a row, offering one 10 day long intensive Butoh course.

This year also Chef Elain Love will be cooking part time for us, macro biotic and raw food cuisine.

This years workshop will combine wilderness dance with camping and stationary classes at Red Pines camp. During the workshop we will be traveling to remote beautiful locations, doing several overnight excursions/hikes to mountain lakes, waterfalls, swamps, cliffs and other nature sights (via canoe, or foot to experience nature dance at its fullest). The workshop involves communal living and classes ,camping, group improvisations, duets and solo work in desolate nature settings.

This workshop will be geared towards defining your spirit dance in dialogue with nature, culminating in a sight specific solo or duet.

The workshop demonstrates simple and primitive ways of communication exploring transformative states of the body. Atsushi teaches dancers how to connect to their organic history, guiding participants through genetic memories and allowing them to teach themselves the dance of their molecular ancestry (the dance of the seaweed, of the fox, of the stone etc...) His teachings start with the breath and first movements of life, and lead to universal interconnected awareness by focusing on dancing in the now, at your threshold.

Classes are held in the morning, afternoon, and alternately at night, all in outdoor settings; an outdoor stage, in and around rivers & lakes, sand dunes, mountainsides and forest landscapes. Guest teachers , dancing in the tipi and additional teachings in shamanic rooted chanting, and other nature based ancient based vocalization will be practiced.

The Camp

The Adirondacks is an area designated to wildlife conservation, incorporating over 2200 lakes, rivers and many wild animals. The workshop is conducted from an old style Adirondack camp called "Red Pines", tucked away in the Adirondack forest on the bank of Lake Rondaxe. It is located one hour northwest from Utica, outside of the village of Old Forge. It takes approx. 5-6 hours by car from NYC.

** Both camping and indoor sleeping are available (as you choose).

Dates and Requirements

Atsushi & Hiroko have been traveling, teaching and performing for the last 6 or more years together. Based in Europe for the moment, Atsushi has danced at sights such as the Killing Fields in Cambodia, Kobe earthquake, Auschwitz-Birkenau, sacred temples around the world, thousands o f year old trees, and desolate environments in Asia, Brazil, Eastern Europe etc. They have been teaching wilderness workshops, in Japan (Yaku island) and Poland, but the Adirondack shop being the home ground of their and Kathi von Koerbers every year further expanding pioneering of the nature dance series.
Arrivals late Thursday August 18th - Departures Sunday afternoon 28th
Workshop starts Friday morning Full Moon August 19th

Please contact us if interested, for interview, along with written introduction about your background and interests, and setting a written intention for the workshop.

Coming late into the workshop is not favored.

Preferred prerequisite is to have taken at least one, one-week workshop with Atsushi Takenouchi or other Master Butoh based dancer. Please Name whom, or what genre and background your training or experience is based upon. (Participants need to have minimal Butoh Dance experience.)

Ideas for getting some prior Butoh dance experience:
There are ongoing weekly classes in NYC, please contact for more info.
Also Kathi von Koerber will be teaching an intensive on Saturday June 25th in NYC

Traveling from NYC and back:
There will be carpooling from NYC and back, but this will be organized closer to the workshop dates.

A schedule will be announced for a bus (50$ one way) that we will arrange for a free pickup on the 18th from Utica to the camp that is one hour from the bus station. The same for a drop off on the 28th back to NYC, from Utica.

For more information, contact Kathi:


More Photos:

All photos by Caroline Ratcliff, Hiroko Komiya, Richard Greene and Kirk Peterkin.

Essay on Jinen Butoh

Jinen is ALL, Jinen Butoh is a life force that dances with ALL Computer, car, gasoline ,grass and trees, humans -- they do not belong To people. They are already alive. Even our body is not ours. We are simply lives facing one another -- so we resonate, rebel, grow angry , cry, laugh, and dance with them. All of them are JINEN. Jinen is an old Japanese word. Its' meaning encompasses ALL that is even larger than nature. In the West, Man exists above Nature, and maintains and protects it. Above Man, there is God. In other words, there is a separation between Nature,Man,and God. Jinen expresses the perception of the universe before such a separation occurred. In ALL things there lives god. God is the Flow of the River of the Universe that embraces the sun and moon, and the earth that is the origin of the birthing of all Nature including Man. God lives within man, plants, animals, even in man-made things like houses. Jinen is the word that describes the universe, its' origin and natural course. All things connect to this river, and are part of the river of Jinen. Man generally receives beautiful forms from Nature, such as the plants or animals. However, many forces of nature, such as huge earthquakes that I have experienced myself, destroy people, organisms and nature. This is the breath of this planet. This is also the swirl of the River of the Universe that embraces all life and death, light and dark.. This is Jinen. There is nothing Man can do. All that I was able to do after the earthquake was to live with the people who had encountered life and death, and to pray and dance with them. Inside Jinen, the helpless life force embrace life and death, feel that even such life and death are connected to all things, and dance a prayer. This view of Nature has already existed in the art forms created by ancient people. Every Life form performs the dance of life and death by being alive. All things are Dancing with Jinen. Jinen Butoh is to join together with all the life that is already dancing,to dance with the flow of the universe is Jinen. We remove the wall of consciousness that perceives dance as the individual dancing. We are dancing with, and are danced by ,the Jinen, accepting all the environment and conditions around us as Jinen.

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