Kaesha Kvk
Multi-media video and installation artist
Performance artist specializing in fire, trapeze, bungi acrobatics
Dancer specializing in African, Modern, Improvisation, and Butoh

She is the International Co-Curator of the Resonant Wave Festival and Co-Director of the Ransom Corp.and Co-founder of the 23 windows art collective

Her artwork is intertwined with her life’s experiences and the areas she has researched. She creates art from a strong diverse foundation in the visual arts, theatre, dance, music, language, and ethnic studies. Her purpose is to continue to gain and affirm knowledge; and synthesize that knowledge into physical, heightened sense experiences. Her work mirrors the alchemy of human behavior, exploring the archetypes of existence, and creating a dialogue with habits, rituals and unconscious behaviors. She presents her work in various forms, utilizing techniques of surrealist collage, trance-induced rituals and interactive storytelling within multiple projection installation environments.

She uses her body as the sponge of her experience, and it is the tool that initiates, and interrelates a visual narrative with a musical language and the spiritual processes. In addition to dance, installations and video projections, her work uses nude forms, aerial artistry, and vocal incantations to convey its message. The settings for her performances are predominantly outside of the theatre; in desolate oversized spaces, boats, under bridges, in the streets, or simply in nature. Every performance is a site-specific endeavor. The trance and intuitive movements of these ceremonial performances become entities in a larger social and spiritual dialog.
The truth of performance simulates breath, the reflex to live. ‘The truth of performance simulates breath, the reflex to live.’

§ She is presenting “Implosion X- Plode”, a Butoh influenced dance and archaic ancient rituals combined with voice and theatrical exploration of the role of woman and man in nature and society with interactive dual projection of manipulated archival footage of nuclear testing and natural disasters. Performance in the 2nd Theater 30.5 at 18:00 and 31.5 at 22:30.

She is contributing “Outside/Inside melodies” to the 24-hour Cinema 1.6 in the 2nd Theater and Kaesha KvK will be also be performing with the Ransom Corp in the Cathedral of Energy for the Opening Reception 25.5 and 4.6 – 8.6 and live video montage at the NYC Media Mix night 30.5 in the 2nd Theater 23:30 §


Biography of Recent Individual Projects (apart from Ransom Corp. and 23 Windows)

In the fall of 2001, I premiered a new video, dance, audio interactive piece called ‘Implode X plosion’ at WAX, an advent guard dance performance space in Williamsburg Brooklyn. ‘Implode X plosion’ is a 10 min video collage of manipulated images taken from underwater nuclear explosions, natural eruptions, and miniscule matter combined with two projections and a dancer with audio by Zemi 17. I curated the "Witness Film Festival" at BPM alternative art space, featuring documentaries by the Independent Media Center and Velcrow Ripper, with short experimental films on the subject of invasion, witnessing, and ritual, with live light painting, video and audio mixing. In September I traveled across the USA creating a Road Trip Documentary about the 9/11 tragedy. In the summer of 2001 I traveled throughout the west coast of the United States creating video installation environments at the Autonomous Mutant Festival in Oregon and at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. I performed live experimental video and artistically designed for the SKIN party series at Makeout Room & Rassallas Jazz Club in San Francisco. I created and screened the 10 minute experimental video "Second Floor Project" at the Cave Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I choreographed and directed a 45 minute multi media dance performance inside of a surveillance video installation called "Four Women" at the Regurgitation show 1.5 in Jersey City. In October and November of 2000 I co- managed and performed 14 shows of "Sky Plots: Chaos of Ritual" in Berlin, Rostock, Nuernberg and Saalfeld, Germany; Nuechtel, Switzerland and Vienna, Austria, with the Ransom Corp. In July of 2000 I created a video interactive body hanging installation and fire ritual at the Interzone Festival in Mitte, Berlin and at abandon graphite warehouse for the happening "Autonomous" in Tremli, Zurich. From February through July 2000 I performed a series of site specific body installation and fire rituals, conducted field research and collected video images in North and West Africa. From July through September of 1999 I traveled and performed with the Ransom Corp. through Eastern and Central Europe and Israel. We performed "Riddle with Holes" at T-muna Theater in Tel Aviv, a video bungi flying piece at the "Zen Festival" in Prague, environmental installation with video, slide projections and improv dance and electronic music at the "Shabla Sun and Moon Festival" on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria and I created live video collages and fire performances at Neon Technic AG in Zurich. In the Spring of 1999 I performed a 2 hour action video dance environment piece called "E-motion" at the Dumbo Art Center in Brooklyn and a 20 minute video performance called "Flush" at the Deli Dance Festival at Chashama Theatre on 42nd Street. In September of 1998 I co-directed and performed in "Shadowbox", a 60 minute, multi media performance at La Mama theatre E.T.C. In April 1998 I premiered "Shadowbox". at the Orlando Fringe Festival in Orlando Florida